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Terri Galvin ~ April 1952 to October 24th, 2019
This year(2019) we experienced the loss of Terri Galvin, who started my association with American Motors by owning a 1965 Rambler Classic 770 4-Door Sedan when she married me in 1976. In the first few years she drove her Rambler daily while I drove my 1956 Chevy. During this period I began a spare parts section of the garage for the Rambler, which complimented the existing one for my Chevy (Never been caught with a Breakdown that couldn't be fixed quickly from the Spare Parts Shelves). Frequently neighborhood Rambler owners would stop in and ask about sources for repair parts. After supplying many items, we determined that there was a need for a One-Stop Shop for parts, and I began to watch swap meets for small NOS parts lots that could be acquired. With no parts room experience, and no factory parts books to research, the newly obtained parts was all visual identification for a year or so.
In 1979, a parts vendor at a swap meet displayed several collision parts books for sale along with a box of NOS parts and these were quickly purchased. It was then disclosed that the vendor worked at an AMC Dealership and I arranged to purchase the duplicate parts books from that Berkeley, CA Dealership, along with a few more boxes of NOS/Obsolete parts. The Fever had begun. In early 1980, a complete dealership buy-out was arranged from an ad in Hemmings Motor News and a 2400 pound truck load was shipped from Alabama complete with a full set of parts books and many Technical Service Manuals. Shortly following that I obtained a Business License and joined the AMCRC Club that had newly formed. Terri and I had a wall of the dining room converted to an AMC Parts Research Library and both of us would answer mail and phone inquires after work and inbetween child raising duties. In 1981 things began to accelerate as the arrival of another child mandated that Terri take a years leave from her job. This allowed her to answer phones during the day and start the research while attending to two children, and I would answer technical questions, pull parts, package them and ship in the evenings.
Utilizing Grandparents to the max for babysitting, we began to sell parts at Nash and AMO meets on the West Coast. In 1983, we set out for our first AMCRC meet in Kenosha (The trials of that trip were memorialized in an AMCRC article), thus began the use of each years vacation being consumed with swap meet duties. Terri was a vital part of the business as she was the Bookkeeper, Secretary, and Phone Order Taker all rolled into one. In 1988 I began to travel frequently with duties of a Construction Project Manager and Terri ran the business 5 days a week along with her regular job and raising youngins.
The Mid-90's revolutionized the AMC parts endeavor as our son, Benjamin, stepped in to work on developing an internet presence. The increase in parts inquires prompted me to quit the construction job and began a full time AMC Rambler Parts Store. Terri was able to "retire" to bookkeeper only and that usually was a Saturday only task, a much welcomed relief came from that change.
In 2000 Terri received a medical treatment that resulted in the start of the slow deterioration of her kidneys and then in 2010 she began to demonstrate signs of dementia. During the next few years lees time was spent in the business, and in 2012 she retired from her job as well as from the business bookkeeping duties. Terri and I started to pursue our desire to travel and devoted as much time as possible to that as our finances would permit. Terri began kidney dialysis in 2013 and the year 2019 brought into play the final outcome of the combination of Alzheimers and Kidney Failure.
Terri stood by me through many years of long hours and no vacations to advance my desire to own and operate a business I enjoyed. I in turn have been her home dialysis nurse (Both at home and we also traveled while doing those treatments daily) for the past years. I backed out of the daily operations of the AMC Rambler business approximately 2 years ago and have served Terri in her needs with pleasure. Terri passed at home while under Hospice care administer by me and I do not regret for that opportunity to return the favors she bestowed on our family and business since 1976. We still have Terri's Rambler and her memories.
Doug Galvin


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     Since 1980 we have been "Forgetting the Whales, and Saving the Ramblers", by supplying parts for American Motors vehicles.  Our goal has been to maintain a source for 1958-1988 passenger vehicle components. We have a small selection of Nash era parts, which are all listed in the catalog.  Our On-Line Catalog represents new or reproduction items we strive to keep in stock and can usually ship within 30 hours of your order received.  The format of the on-line catalog follows that of AMC's parts book whereby all parts are listed under the "group" number.  This Group System breaks down parts by their location or the system on the vehicle that they are most closely affiliated with.  We have become one of the largest AMC retailers, and we believe our substantial inventory will help you in the maintenance and/or restoration of your AMC/Rambler vehicle. Prices are subject to change without notice.


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1968-1974 AMX + Javelin: Billet Aluminum Hood Hinges (Sold as a pair with replaceable Pistons!) Special Order, time frame depends on how busy and available material.


Terri Galvin & Galvin's AMC Rambler Parts by Doug Galvin
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